Beijing Geely University Join the Talent Strategy Program

双语资讯 2019-04-02
The School of Law and Politics was established by Geely University in 2001. Since it was built, the scale was gradually expanded and the structure was gradually perfect. Now, they have the...

1st Chinese Secretary Competition for Steno Successfully

双语资讯 2019-04-02
The First National Secretary Vocational Skills Competition for Steno and Shorthand_sqldoulbeline_- the Second National Youth “Yawei Cup” Steno Contest were successfully concluded on 26th June.

Teachers of Universities Getting Together to Learn Yawei Ste

双语资讯 2019-04-02
March 19th, 2010, Ms. Shi Shuling, director of Beijing Steno Association Talent Center, Ms. Yang Fengyan, director of Beijing Steno Association Training Center and Ms. Wang Rui, famous stenographer...

“Compound” Stenographers Have a Bright Future

双语资讯 2019-04-02
With the development of Steno skill, stenotype has become a new occupation. Meanwhile, the market makes higher demands to stenographers. “Compound” stenographers are in shortage. Recognizing the...

Stenographers Working at The Two Sessions’ Press Conference

双语资讯 2019-04-02
March 2nd, 2010, Third Session of Eleventh CPPCC press conference was held on the third floor of Great Hall of the People. Mr. Zhao Qizheng, the spokesman introduced the situation of the sessions and ...

China National Team for 49th Intersteno Congress is Finished

双语资讯 2014-04-02
Getting approval from CIPSC and according to the relevant provisions, the stenography professional society has finished the work of organizing the national team for 49th Intersteno Congress. The team ...

CHINA DAILY: Setting the record straight

双语资讯 2014-04-02
CHINA DAILY (Click to view original)
95-year-old devoted to Chinese shorthand
BEIJING - For decades, Tang Yawei_sqlquote_s name has been synonymous with stenography in China.
In the...

Leaders of CDPF Shanghai Inspect the Steno Training Class

双语资讯 2014-04-02
Recently, Shanghai Labor Service Center held the 2010 Disabled Persons’ Training Mid-Year
Meeting. The full-time cadres of the disabled persons’ training, several staff of Shanghai Vocational-skills...

Civil Service Need Steno Certificate

双语资讯 2014-04-02
Beijing court system civil service examination required that civil service should have the steno certificate given by Beijing Stenography Association.
The General regulations said:
1. Past...

The Shorthand Leading Authority Visited Competition Held in

双语资讯 2014-04-02
The closing ceremony for the First National Secretary Vocational Skills Competition of individual Steno and Shorthand _sqldoulbeline_ the Second National Youth “Yawei Cup” Steno Competition, were...

Micro Blog Transfer Brilliant —Stenographers at The Two Ses

双语资讯 2014-04-02
In March 2010, Chinese Two Sessions was opened. As usual, it was a busy time, especially for stenographers. At every meeting of the two sessions, we can see stenographers working hard there. The...

The 4th International Solar Cities Initiative Recruit Volunt

双语资讯 2014-04-02
The 4th International Solar Cities Initiative will be held in De Zhou China from September 16th to 19th, 2010. This conference is held every 2 years. In this 4th International Solar Cities...

World City—Beijing Need Stenographers

双语资讯 2010-04-25
This year, Chinese character proficiency test in Beijing will be extended, may be to 5000 persons. Some of media workers and teachers are invited to join this test. Some experts suggest that Beijing...